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Found a bug... 2hrs play'n the game and I cant contiue becuase I already found the secret chest in the waterfall! I went back and it wont progress :( Otherwise, always loved the series. Adventure mode puts it in a whole nother realm. Love it!

PopBrain responds:

The bug issue with objective 26 is fixed. Thx for flagging it and for the review!

Upon getting higer level the laser that scrapes the outer bubs if used in the center the bubs will kill you. Either make it invulnerable to attack or harder hitting :(

@gogoloala Because being offended is f'n B.S. ..|./

Anybody else upon seeing the title think of something else?

Great game, btw, your fist fight "manly way" he disapears and can progress had to refresh to continue

great game soooooooooooooooo slooooooooooooow.

Good game, I dig the replay value of the objectives but ya think there'd be a point to accomplish them without dying?

Btw your focus for picking up items or accessing atms is glitchy I cant complete the process. at max progress bar is 50%

Wanted to play more.

*BUG* lvl 2. threw the rock on top walking on top of the switch facing north and poof, disappeared.

No restart button for level (sadface)

Went through it in one sitting.
Graphics were great even on low on my POS machine.
Sound/Music were good and fit the mood.
Gameplay has a few issues (see cons) but overall addicting
Upgrade system needs work, like what is possible to built upward so dont have to click down through the entire thing all the way to iron
Chased iron throughout, don't know if its a con but maybe the cost for some things may be lowered?
Always always chasing cooling tech to get deeper, dont know if con but turned into an artifact hunt before pursuing other techs.
Lacked replayability

Look forward to part two if you have it planed exploring earth, maybe continent by continent.
The obvious re playability is building a world/cities/space-stations perhaps? Also, a tool tip to find the artifacts. example between 160-170 is where you find the last set.

Great game really, always did like mining even before the big MC. This killed 10 hours easily.

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