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Expanding My Art - picking up GIMP Brushes!

2014-08-02 06:32:36 by DracMorair

Enjoy the new art!


with newgrounds

2013-08-06 14:45:39 by DracMorair

I've had enough of Newgrounds shit, as much as I appreciated them as a lilly pad for animators there are much better methods now.

Your restrictive copywrite neglets that art is transformative. Some people think the likeness of a apple can be copywrited and you can own people's work. I got invited to a monthly voting today only you wanted it your way, or no way... so piss on ya.

Your head is so far in the sand Newgrounds You can see anime 24/7. Fuck you very much.

 with you,

Back creating and djing

2013-06-08 18:43:43 by DracMorair

Check my stuff out at imvu avatar page will attempt to upload as much as possible if I can.

Started submitting today

2008-11-04 06:30:13 by DracMorair

Well. My first submissions to newgrounds are going over like a lead baloon but it too soon to really judge though Guess original works verses sample collaborations might be a place start to start looking.

Checked out a few garageband tuts on YouTube... wonder if I should cut some beats in with my flute. Little more spice for the end product. Only thing is... I create something out of my whistle everyday, different tempos ect.. Any suggestions on how to solve this dilemma are welcome.

Art is never finished, only abandoned.
Leonardo da Vinci

Should I shoot for weekly 10-12 min submissions? At a crossroads here.