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Ya need some inspiration. Check out Piers Anthony Xanth novels. Love your style man!

Thank you for this. The Symbology is great. Great tower of bable unleashing the beasts with. The eye for an eye, the whole world blind. The greatest fear is the morning light. Luciferian light. The greatest trick ever created. First Angle of light. Babylon IS fallen. Ultimately its us, we, who create our own reality. If ONE shall awaken the whole world is doomed. And that's OK. Life is change. Growth is optional.

Takes me back to Heavy Metal. Well done.

Handy Manny goes hardcore.

Ah, the nostalga of Pink Panther.

Classic kick in the childhood > adulthood thoughts I always had about the show. And as to GokuVegetaGogetta.... this is how we elect presidents in the U.S. too.

As revelbiship put so quickly. Put in PC and "Indiegogo" should know, PC & Tits or GTFO.

MEH ANIMATION. oh.. and ever heard of climategate? The dam thing is a scam. Do you homework sometime. One volcano has more effect then all of cars combined for a decade

sweetcommando responds:

the entire cartoon was a joke

Always of fan of Mad Max like stories

May need to look up some animation on including easy details. The animation seems rushed at best. Look forward to the story.

Well done.

There's something off in the motions it looks like a rush job. Cant put my finger on it.

P.S. @Oney: "....Scenes that aren't copyrighted", Everything is derivative believe it or not. Look up fair use some time. That or read TechDirt for a day. CopyLEFT for the win. Even the Music center here has Creative commons but not for commercial use. If somebody uses it for a commericial use feel free with my own work it only gains more attention to the works itself. Advertisment I don't have to pay for? Hell ya.

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